SAP Assessment

We are certified and specifically trained professionals in all aspects of controlled substance misuse situations. We provide substance abuse professional assessments with respect to controlled substances in the workplace.

We base our decisions on information gathered in a comprehensive structured interview and the results of 5 empirically tested and validated diagnostic screens. Every decision complies with the criteria established in the DSM-5 by the American Psychiatric Association. If a problem does exist we recommend a level of care based upon the Patient Placement Criteria of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Following assessment, we provide a clinical impression of whether your employee “meets criteria” for SUD (substance-use disorder) or not, and develop recommendation reports outlining possible interventions such as psychoeducation, in or out patient treatment, follow-up testing and aftercare.

All SAP assessments include the following:

  • A comprehensive face-to-face or virtual assessment;
  • Psychometric screening;
  • A comprehensive bio/psych/social history;
  • A review of your alcohol / drug use history;
  • A review of your alcohol / drug work and legal history;
  • An Assessment Summary Report to your employer / referral source.
  • Direct referral to an education program or counselling/treatment provider who can provide the recommended course of action.

Assessment Fee: $225.00

Session Length: 60 minutes

You can book your assessment online.

All Services Are By Appointment Only

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