Fit for Duty Policy Development

Creating a written Fit for Duty (alcohol/drug) policy that reflects the needs of your workplace and applicable laws is a key part of a successful substance-free workplace program.

Regardless of personal opinions about alcohol and drug use, the fact is an individual’s mental and physical abilities are adversely affected by alcohol and other drugs. It all comes down to providing a safe workplace for all workers, at all times, in all situations.

A well-documented drug and alcohol policy provides a framework for dealing with issues surrounding workplace substance abuse and pre-existing medical conditions.

There are many reasons to put your Fit for Duty (alcohol/drug) policy in writing:

Demonstrates risk management,

May be required by law (US DOT, etc.) or your insurance carriers.

Is easier to explain to employees, supervisors, and others.

Establishes good workplace relations.

Protects employers from disputes.

We work with you to ensure your drug and alcohol policy reflects the unique corporate culture and values of your workplace, the regulatory environment within which your workplace operates and the specific needs you may have.

Some of the areas covered in every policy we develop includes:

The Objectives and Scope of the policy.

Identification of Roles and Responsibilities.

What type of behaviour constitutes a Policy Violation.

Prescription and over the counter medications.

Medical Cannabis.

Types and methods of alcohol/drug testing you will use.

How an investigation will be conducted.

The procedure that will be followed when an employee is suspected of use or or impairment in the workplace.

Prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation. Including types of accommodation.

Procedures for confidentiality.

Policy review schedule.

US DOT requirements if applicable.

Since 2018, thanks to our extensive multi-industry expertise, we have been helping non-regulated and regulated companies of all sizes.  You’ll find our policies to be fair, well-considered, and precisely meeting your individual requirements – including hybrid policies that combine non-DOT and DOT requirements.

All at a reasonable price.

Substance Abuse Professional Services

Since 2018 ClaritySAP has been helping employers keep their workers fit for duty.