The RTD process requires a worker be evaluated by a substance abuse professional (SAP).  The first step in the process is designating your SAP in Clearinghouse.  You can use a list of DOT-qualified SAPs provided by your employer or choose an SAP based on your own research.

The next step is designating the SAP in the Clearinghouse.  Before the SAP can record information relating to the driver’s RTD status, the driver must send a request to designate his or her SAP in the Clearinghouse.  Once the SAP approves the driver’s request, the SAP will be able to enter RTD information about the driver.

How to Designate a SAP in the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

    1. Log In and Access Your Driver Dashboard Visit Click Log In and access the Clearinghouse using your username and password.
    2. If you have a new violation in your Clearinghouse record, your Driver Dashboard will display a message prompting you to select a SAP. Click designate your substance abuse professional to begin the process.
    3. Type the name of your SAP in the text box labeled Who is your SAP? If you enter enough characters of the SAP’s name, a list of options will also appear. Select Jim Mason
    4. Once you have identified your SAP, you will be prompted to send him or her a request. Review the displayed SAP information.
    5. When you are ready to designate this SAP, click Send Request. You will be sent a confirmation message.
    6. You will see a confirmation message once your SAP request has been sent. Your Driver Dashboard will indicate when the SAP has approved the request and you are ready to move to the next step Return-to-Duty.

Note: You cannot designate a different SAP in the Clearinghouse once the SAP accepts your designated request.

The FMCSA has provided instructions in a downloadable format to help drives understand how to designate a SAP in the Clearinghouse.  You can access and download the instructions here:  How to Designate a Substance Abuse Professional

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